Hello world!


Well we’re 3 days away from 2013. I’ve kind of been slacking on this one so I decided to just make it happen and get it done. So – here’s my personal blog. Boom! Done!

Why would I want to start a blog? Well, mainly because I have a ton of ideas, thoughts, projects, etc. that I really want to share…but not sure any of them was worthy of a blog by itself. I’ll let you all be the judge of that though. You’ll probably see quite a bit of design topics covered, some photography is bound to come up, technology, code, who the hell knows what else.

I may post everyday. (But probably not.) Maybe it will be once a week, once a month. The only thing I can assure you is it will be whenever I feel like it. =)

Anyways, get on with life. Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and I will see you all in 2013!