Doing What Feels Right.


Well 2014 is off and running. I’ve got some big plans and huge goals. I’ve been working 24/7 towards them and its hard. We live in a world where we are looking out for ourselves, working hard to move up the ladder or get to the front of the pack. Luckily, I get to spend some of my day working for a company I really care about. It reminds me why we are here on Planet Earth.

I recently met someone who has reminded me of how amazing humans can be. He is a young man just 18, but has the humility and understanding that surpasses most 50 year-olds. He asks you how you’re doing in that special way and really means it when he wishes you a good day. It reminded me of just how big of an impact humanism can be, how fast our lives move today.

While on my way to dinner with a good friend tonight, we stopped in a store to pick something up and I had some change from the purchase. I asked him, ‘Where do you put change?’ Confused, he answered ‘In my back pocket?’. Nope, wrong! I don’t recall where I saw it, but I saw a suggestion that has stuck with me. You put your change in a place where a kid is likely to find it. Just think, how exciting is it to find a whole shiny quarter when you’re 4? I can see the smile on their face now.

I get a similar warm and fuzzy feeling in the big and little things in life. It’s the smile you crack when I look up and see dad walking with his kids through the park or after volunteering for something I care about. It’s knowing that after a hard day’s work in some small way, you’ve made a difference.

I’ve got a favor to ask of each of you: Take a moment today and do something that feels right, that feels good. You’ll never regret it.