Reading List: 1/21/14


Recently, I’ve been sending an email every once in a while to a friend with links to articles that I think are particularly interesting in the startup world and such. I thought, why not share them here…so here they are. Enjoy!

Did I miss a great article this week? Let me know in the comments.

Know what to do first and how to prioritize in relation to the business.

You’re going to fail… I know, it sucks. But get over it.

Design is important…here’s how to be good at it.

Here’s how much advanced degrees matter: (Hint, zero!)

Interesting title but really…data is pretty:

Why not learn from those who have failed before you:

And yes, this one is selfish of me. We designers are a fragile bunch. 😉

Plus a fun one: who doesn’t love travel hacks!

Have a great week!