Startups are Hard…


Startups are hard. We talk about how amazing we’re doing or how cool it is to make shirts, but startups are hard. More importantly, the hardest parts of startups aren’t talked about. The issues of dealing with the stress of being a founder has often been hidden behind the face we put on at networking events and big parties.

I recently spoke to someone who asked about starting a new idea. He knew that it was tough but wanted to know what it was really like before jumping in. I decided to put together a list of articles that will help those thinking about getting into the startup world.

You’re not the CEO – you’re the Fucking Janitor by Zach Bruhnke

Confessions of a 20 Something Startup CTO by Ben Coe

Advice I Wish I Could Have Given Myself 5 Years Ago by Vinicus Vacant

25 Entrepreneurs Tell What They Wish They’d Known Before Founding Their First Startup by David Hasuer

Why Startup Founders are Always Unhappy by Jess Lee

Just Stop by Micah Baldwin

How to Speak Startup: A Primer by Spinnakr

21 Startup Quotes Every Founder Should Read by Steve Young

Running Marketing Tests with a Purpose by Luke Thomas

What articles did I miss? As a founder, what advice would you give to someone just getting started in the startup world? Share in the comments below!