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Startups are Hard…


Startups are hard. We talk about how amazing we’re doing or how cool it is to make shirts, but startups are hard. More importantly, the hardest parts of startups aren’t talked about. The issues of dealing with the stress of being a founder has often been hidden behind the face we put on at networking Read More

Reading List: 3/25/14


I know, I’ve been slacking…especially considering I only did one of these haha! Here’s some good reading for today. If you only read one article today, make it this one: How to Keep Calm and Carry On: I know so many people that struggle with this, this stuff totally helps. And if you’ve got more Read More

Reading List: 1/21/14


Recently, I’ve been sending an email every once in a while to a friend with links to articles that I think are particularly interesting in the startup world and such. I thought, why not share them here…so here they are. Enjoy! Did I miss a great article this week? Let me know in the comments. Read More